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Private Lessons Online

BamTutors are here to help with improving your child's understanding in English, Math or Quran!

What Do We Teach?

Bamrec's private tutoring offers, Math, English and Quran. Each subject is taught by high school students or graduates. As well as, current college students who are willing to help your child get through their class with ease and build confidence as they learn more through their tutoring lessons. 

What We Strive to Implement in Our Students learning.

At BamTutors, we strive to implement, confidence, creativity and character. Each student deserves to feel confident in any subject. Thats why BamTutors ensure that your student feels confident after each session. Each tutor will allow your student to become educationally creative in their own way and build character as they become creative. 

Our Tutors Values & Goals

Each of out tutors values their students. Bamtutor's goal is to make sure they guide your child on the path to success with ease. There is nothing better than gaining confidence in a subject that your student may feel uneasy about. Bamtutors are there to make sure they feel at ease and confident in Math, English, Quran and in our general homework help service.  

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